Terms of payment

Ribads.com is a certified services seller with Webmoney payment system and AS Norvik Banka. Services shall be provided on pre-paid basis. Advertiser is to fill their balance prior to activating ordered advertising campaign.

Payment processing

Ribads.com offers the following choice of payment processors to Advertiser’s convenience.

Webmoney deposit

Funds transfers are to be processed via official Webmoney merchant terminal integrated to the payment page with Ribads.com, which is absolutely secure.
Once the payment is complete, it is to be instantly added to Advertiser’s balance and funds are to become available for immediate use.
Charges for payment processing shall be borne by the Advertiser. Full fee information is available by the following link:

Bank Transfer

Bank deposits are to be processed via International wire transfers upon request.
Advertiser is to request invoice issuance by Ribads.com indicating the amount of deposit. Invoices are to be issued for amount of deposit above 1,000USD. After having received the invoice, Advertiser is to set direct wire transfer from their bank account.
Wire deposit is to be processed during 3-5 business days before the amount appears available on Advertiser’s balance, depending on sender and correspondent banks’ processing period.
Charges for payment processing by sender and/or correspondent bank are to be borne by the Advertiser. Ribads.com is not to charge any extra fees for the deposit processing. Sole charges may arise on Advertiser’s side. Ribads.com is to add full amount of payment received from Advertiser to their balance for further use.

Refund processing

Ribads.com recognizes that certain lack of satisfaction with the services provided may arise with Advertiser. Should such claim take place, the following terms are to be applicable for dispute resolution between Advertiser and Ribads.com.

Claims subject to refund

  • - Should Advertiser have positive unspent balance on their account with Ribads.com and have no further intention of using such services, Advertiser may claim the remaining balance refunded.
  • - Should Ribads.com fail to provide traffic within any advertising campaign ordered by Advertiser or delay such service providing that Advertiser shall have no further need in such advertising campaign, Advertiser may claim funds on their active balance refunded.
  • - Should proof of insufficient quality not be found by Ribads.com through their internal source analyzer, Advertiser is to present official actual data (analyzer report, Google Analytics report etc.) proving the fact of non-quality service.
  • - Should the data be presented by Advertiser and proved to be correct and true, Advertiser may claim full refund of funds spent on advertising campaign under dispute.

Claims not subject to refund

  • - Should Advertiser activate the advertising campaign with Ribads.com, visits sent and accepted on Advertiser’s side are to be paid via gradual reduction of their active balance. Cost of sent and paid visits shall not be refunded.
  • - Should Advertiser claim that traffic received by them does not correspond to their expected level of conversion, at the same time sent visits dully correspond to claimed characteristics, the cost of such advertising campaign or such visits shall not be refunded.

All refunds are to be issued by Ribads.com within, but no later than, in 30 days after claim or dispute submission by Advertiser.